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Sussex Crossfit gives you 1 FREE CLASS for each and every one of our services including our Personal Training all for "No Commitment". Our "Try It For Free Classes" are 1 hour long and include all Classes Offered unless disclosed otherwise.


+BROOKFIELD INDOOR BOOTCAMP CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Classes are being held M-W-F at 9:30am (Contact Morgan Esser for your FREE CLASS and further info today!)

+FUTBALITO FITNESS KIDS CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids Classes are being held on Wednesdays at 6pm (Contact Tyler Nehmer for your FREE CLASS and further info today!)

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Crossfit is constantly varied high intensity functional movements that are performed and taught in a community building environment through basic bodily mechanics to build consistency and further achieve the fitness goals set by any athlete or individual. This GPP (General Physical Preparedness Program) will allow anyone to perform unknown physical challenges by constantly testing their ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly, in a variety of domains. Crossfit does not discriminate upon age, sex, physical shape, athletic capacity, skill, handicaps or any other known reasons. EVERYONE can do Crossfit.

Drop-ins & visitors

Your first Drop In Class Visit is FREE for local residents only. Please complete one of our digital Waiver Forms located within our GET STARTED Menu Tab located on our websites Home Page. Once you have located the proper Waiver option, click on it and please complete all of the required personal account info within our gym software MINDBODY ONLINE. Then, proceed to our CLASS SCHEDULE by clicking on our SCHEDULE Menu Tab located on our websites Home Page and signing up for your first class that you would like to Drop Into. If you are not a local resident or it is not your first visit then your Drop In rate is $15.